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The below are snippets of Cuckoo's activity in the media.

  • Media: M.E.N - The Sacred texts

    Date: 07/10

    Diocese iPhone App
  • Media: M.E.N - Get in touch with God

    Date: 07/10

    Diocese of Salford iPhone app and website
  • Media: M.E.N - Hooky's new record design

    Date: 04/10

    Freebass albumn artwork
  • Media: Crain's Business Women of the Year coverage

    Date: 12/09

    Business Woman of the Year -Cuckoo
  • Media: Manchester Evening News

    Date: 12/09

    Three new client projects perch down with Cuckoo
  • Media: The Drum

    Date: 12/09

    Three new client projects perch down with Cuckoo
  • Media: Marketing Services Talk

    Date: 11/09

    Cuckoo campaign drives awareness of radio station
  • Media: The Drum

    Date: 11/09

    GGR Group Constructs New Website With Cuckoo
  • Media: The Drum

    Date: 11/09

    Police Mutual
  • Media: Bury Times

    Date: 11/09

    A Perfect Match for The Shakers
  • Media: The Drum

    Date: 01/10/09

    Cuckoo Designs Logo fro Salford Diocese
  • Media: Insider

    Date: 10/09

    Justine Wright - Managing Director
  • Media: GM Magazine

    Date: 09/09

    London Remade
  • Media: The Drum

    Date: 17/08/09

    London Remade
  • Media: M.E.N

    Date: 06/08/09

    Cuckoo Design support Bury FC
  • Media: Insider Magazine

    Date: August 09 Issue

    Justine Wright
  • Media: The Drum

    Date: 30/07/09

    Cuckoo Design support Bury FC
  • Media:

    Date: 23/07/09

    Cuckoo Design support Bury FC

    "Cuckoo Design, one of the leading Manchester creative agencies, is once again showing its commitment to the region, this time by sponsoring Bury Football Club." [Read full article]

  • Media:

    Date: 23/07/09

    New Recruits

    "Cuckoo Design in Manchester has put its money where its (erm) beak is by partnering up with Bury football club." [Read full article]

  • Media: The Drum

    Date: 30/06/09

    New Recruits
  • Media: Crain's

    Date: 15/6/09

    Best Place To Work Winners 2009

    Crain's Nearly Big Best Places To Work Winners 2009"A new breed design and digital agency," is how managing director Justine describes Salford-based Cuckoo. The agency was previously known as Walsh Simmons and had been in business for more than 20 years before managing director Justine Wright took 100 per cent ownership in September 2008.

    It proved a catalyst for change and she rebranded the business to Cuckoo. Wheatley said: "With the name change we wanted to reflect the business as it is now — making a vivid statement about its future rather than its heritage."

    It's been a significant 12 months for the creative company, whose core markets are financial services — Manchester-based Cooperative Financial Services is a client — hospitality and leisure.

    The consumer and business-to-business agency opened its digital office way back in 1995. It produced the first commercial website for The Cooperative Bank, Blackburn Rovers and "Digital has been a big part of what we've done for a long time," explained Wheatley. "We've always known it was an absolutely necessary media and we recognise we have a strong heritage in the sector."

    "The digital element of the business continues to grow and when you look at the people we brought into the business last year, they were mainly on that side. We recognise that the channel is still expanding, and clients recognise it too."

    With a headcount of 15, Cuckoo is not a large company by any means, but a decent-sized creative agency nonetheless. The management puts great emphasis on treating their people well and say the employees make the office an engaging and encouraging place to be.

    When Wright took over the business last year she sought to change its working culture, according to Wheatley, recently launching a share option scheme for senior staff, allowing them to take a more active role in the business. There has also been a "vast" amount of training and development available to all staff.

    "In addition, all the senior management team been involved in online profiling to identify our personality traits and assess our role in the team dynamic," Wheatley said. "It helps to understand your strengths and weaknesses when you manage a team. If we are to fulfil our objectives and goals, we've all got to work well together. Ultimately, we want to be a better business with highly trained and engaged, motivated staff."

    Ollie Thomas account director said "It's a fairly small team and everyone getting on together is one of the most important things. We are all individuals but we've all got the same goals and we're all focused on customer service. We try to do as much as we can outside of working hours. If someone fancies a drink after work such as to celebrate this award win then they'll rally the troops."

    Turnover in the year to January 2009 was £915,000, a rise of 20 per cent on the previous 12 months. Profits were up 150 per cent, said Wheatley.

    "We need to be successful and sustainable. We are trying to grow and be lean, focusing on the core objectives of giving clients effective efficient service," he added.

    The Cuckoo team is a mix of experienced staff and new talent, and Wheatley says they are key to the company's success. "Our clients tell us that not only do we deliver but we are interesting people to be involved with — we share the values of our best clients. As much as we understand we've had a transformational year as a business, it's extremely important for us to get this accolade. We are thrilled to get positive feedback from our people. Our plans for sustainable growth are dependent on them and it's really encouraging for us to know we are doing the right things."

  • Media: Manchester Evening News

    Date: 30/4/09

    Co-op is going Cuckoo
  • Media: Crain's

    Date: 22/4/09

    New Recruit: Stephen Fairbanks
    New appointments for Cuckoo Design

    Cuckoo Design has made two new appointments following a number of account wins.

    The Manchester-based agency has recently created brand campaigns for Co-operative Financial Services which starts next month and GE Capital Solutions.

    To cope with the extra work the company has brought in Stephen Fairbanks, formerly of Bury-based creative agency Wilson Cooke, as a multimedia designer and Shaun Lloyd as a junior account executive.

  • Media: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

    Date: 22/4/09

    New Recruits: Stephen Fairbanks & Shaun Lloyd
    Cuckoo Design in Manchester is flying with two new recruits

    With recent big wins, such as the Co-operate Financial Services re-brand and GE Capital Solutions industrial campaign brief, Cuckoo has needed to expand it's flock.

    The two new positions are filled by ex Wilson.Cooke, Stephen Fairbanks, 25 who joins the Cuckoo team as Multimedia Designer, and Shaun Lloyd, 23 who has settled in to the nest as an Account Executive.

    Justine Wright, MD of Cuckoo said; "In a time where a lot of businesses are falling upon hard times, Cuckoo is absolutely thriving, and it's all down to the strength of each and every individual within the Cuckoo team, our new recruits being no exception. The Cuckoo team combines, credibility, honesty, hard work, experience, creativity and skill to enable us to fully exploit our clients objectives, giving them maximum value for their budgets - a winning formula at such times."

    Cuckoo Design won the briefs to design and execute the new ‘above the line' brand campaign for the Co-operative Financial Services, which is set to launch in the next month, and also GE Capital's industrial campaign to strengthen its core brand message of innovation and heritage.

  • Media: Manchester Evening News

    Date: 30/3/09

    New Recruits: Stephen Fairbanks & Shaun Lloyd
    Cuckoo's Co-op nest egg

    A PRESTIGIOUS piece of Co-op business has come home to roost with Cuckoo Design.

    Cuckoo, which has offices in Chapel Street, Salford, is one of the agencies selected to form part of the roster of potential suppliers to The Co-operative Group.

    Now Cuckoo has won a competitive pitch between roster agencies to create an extensive brand campaign for the Manchester giant's Co-operative Financial Services business, which breaks next month.


    The brief relates to 'above the line' media requirements - advertisements which must be paid for - and will highlight the CFS's commitment to financial responsibility and its obligations to its customers' money.

    The campaign will draw on its rich heritage, reinforcing its commitment to customers and members since 1867.

    Justine Wright, managing director of Cuckoo Design, said: "Winning the CFS brand campaign is a tremendous achievement for us, and testament to the creativity and service we deliver.

    "The Co-operative is the UK's most ethical brand for the second year running.

    "We are immensely proud both of our close association with a true 'superbrand' and our part in a campaign of real integrity in the financial services industry."

  • Media: Manchester Evening News

    Date: 24/3/09

    Punk PR add Cuckoo Design to clients

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